Friday, underneath the canopy of the Fremont Street Experience, 70 individuals from 30 U.S. cities and nine countries were competing in the Sixth Annual World Sign Spinning Championships.

“We had a job where we held a sign on the street corner, and just holding a sign was the worst job in the entire world,” said Championship co-founder Michael Kenny.

The art form was born out of boredom.

Kenny began spinning to pass the time and as the movement grew, it got competitive.

“We decided to keep that culture alive, we had to have a world championship,” said Kenny.

Contestants are judged on style, execution and technical ability.

Las Vegas was represented by spin veteran Caleb Jordan.

“One of my favorite moves I did out there was the ‘one night stand,'” said Jordan, who advanced to the second round. “Did the ‘one-handed helicopter’, the ‘side toss’.”

The second round of 20 competitors will begin Saturday at noon at the First Street Stage.

The final four will face off at 6 p.m.